Mei Tong


Ms. Mei Tong is a leading cross boarder MnA management Expert, she has over two decades operational experiences in China consumer market , especially in mum n baby space.  She was leading investment activities in lifestyle, food n beverage and beauty sector with Fosun Group in recent years,  Mei also led post management in baby/maternal business group online community portfolio, namely Baby, HIPAC, Qin  Under this capacity, she was recognized as an industry insider for retail/consumer related investment projects both abroad and  dynamic Chinese market place.  In particular, she led significant turnaround of babytree e-Commerce operating strategy,  the company bid a successful IPO in November 2018.

Prior Fosun, Mei Tong started her PE investment career in 2014, she acted as Executive Director with HOPU Investment, a leading private equity firm in the region.  The fund was established in 2007 and was a key player in Chinese financial investment industry. HOPU Fund II is managing up to US$7billion assets, the firm was a leading landmark in modernization SOE ownership and structure reforms, namely COFCO, Sinopec Marketing, etc..  Aside from investment activities, HOPU is also focusing on rural education development in China, nurturing and funding art and language education for village schools in Hebei and Shanxi province in particular.

Prior join HOPU Investment Fund, Mei was Strategy/Merger Acquisitions, Vice President at Wal-Mart China. She led business transformation effort for Walmart in a number of milestone activities, including acquisition of,  brought in largest online grocery store under company profile, closed 10% physical stores in China to reduce requirement of operating cash flow while enhanced top 100 store performance; expanded Sam’s Club operation to ride on consumption upgrade of Chinese families.

From 1999 to 2010,  Ms. Mei Tong served as company speak person and represented the company in public for nearly a decade.   She started with the company as Group Treasurer, and later promoted to Director of Corporate Development for Kimberly-Clark, a global health and hygienic consumer goods company.  During 11 years of service to the company, Mei advised the President and global senior leadership team on establishing corporate reputation platform for Kimberly Clark China operations.  Under her leadership, the company introduced sustainable manufacturing policies to Chinese household paper industry.  Ms. Tong promoted company global foundation outreach program for women, children in rural areas, including health and hygienic education program.  She was named “Most Admired Female Business Leader in Charity” in Year 2008 by Chinese Media.   Before joining Kimberly-Clark,   Ms. Tong was working as analyst for debt capital market in investment banking industry.

Ms. Tong has an Executive MBA degree from Peking University and a Doctoral Candidate in Social Science from Hong Kong Polytechnic University.



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