The Chinese Medtech Sector with Focus on New Regulatory Rules

InterChina co-authored a new report on the Chinese medtech sector together with Dr. Urs Mattes from Swiss Global Enterprise. The report provides an excellent and to-the-point assessment of where the Chinese medtech market, competition and regulatory framework currently stands, and has received high praise from Swiss medtech companies active in China. InterChina’s contribution is focusing on dusting off the myths of China’s M&A medtech sector, and features a clear overview of inbound, outbound, and domestic M&A deals. Foreign players have refrained from inbound M&A activities after the large acquisitions of Medtronic and Stryker. The domestic M&A market, however, remains active, particularly driven by IVD. China’s medtech outbound investments have been directed towards innovation and technology that is superior to those of the buyer and for which China will have a future market to offer.

Dr. Urs Mattes, Franc Kaiser, Richard Beswick, Jens Haarmann

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