InterChina Partners is one of the leading corporate finance and M&A advisory firms in China. We have been established in China since 1994 and specialize in China-related transactions.

Our clients choose to work with us because of our track record in getting things done, while retaining our core values. We provide a real understanding and deliver practical results. Relationships and independence are the foundation of our business. We do not offer other products; our advice is strictly independent, free from potential conflicts of interest inherent in larger institutions. High-level of trust and total discretion; We are deep rooted in China and have insights and expertise in the sectors we specialize in as well as wide access and network of contacts. We are 100% wholly controlled and owned by the partners, all active in the business.

Our clients are typically Fortune 1,000 companies, large or SMEs from China, as well as financial sponsors. Clients always come first; this is our priority, and we align with clients' interest to create a long-lasting relationship, helping them to strive and achieve strategic objectives in China or abroad. Your success is our backbone.

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InterChina is one of the leading strategy and corporate finance advisory firms in China with ~50 staff. We have two distinct businesses: InterChina Partners, our corporate finance practice, and InterChina Consulting, our strategy practice.

Established in 1994, we became one of the very few firms in China to offer both strategic and financial advice to multinational corporations, either based in China or were looking to be established in China. We quickly became one of the leading alternatives to global consultancy firms and investment banks, dedicated to purely focusing on China with on-the-ground resources.

Further information regarding our Strategy practice is located here:

InterChina Partners, our corporate finance unit, is a leading independent and specialized M&A and corporate advisory practice solely dedicated to China-related cross-border transactions. With ~20 staff, we provide advisory services and assist corporations, institutions and financial sponsors, on M&A, divestments, joint ventures, restructurings and financing. Since 1994, we have closed over 175 transactions accumulating over USD 8 billion in value. Over 90% of our deals come from five industries, all areas where we are very specialized.

Global Reach
Clearwater International Group

Clearwater International Group is ICP’s partner with offices in Europe, Asia and the US.

Spayne Lindsay

Spayne Lindsay is ICP’s partner at international consumer industry with four on-the-ground teams in UK, US, Continental Europe and China.


InterChina has two offices in China, located in Beijing and Shanghai, supported by liaison offices in Europe.

This global structure allows InterChina to develop complex projects, working close to key stakeholders and making practical and timely decisions. Such flexibility and the capacity to mobilize resources are key success factors for conducting business in China.

Eduardo Morcillo, Managing Partner
Barry Chen, Partner in Charge
Address: Suite 1201, 100 Bund Square,
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Eduardo Morcillo
Managing Partner
Address: Fengbaoheng Building, Tower 3,
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No. 2 Minzuyuan Road, Chaoyang
Beijing, 100029, P.R.China
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