Engage and De-risk: Creating a new China framework – the five key questions every global CEO needs to ask

  • 80% of multinationals remain very committed to China, but more than two thirds are pressured and rapidly losing competitive advantage. A new China playbook for international companies is required which involves finding a balance between engage and de-risk strategies. 
  • An engage strategy - driven by the increasing potential of the Chinese market as traditional industries consolidate, new booming industries emerge, and increased competition - demands more engagement and localised operations among multinationals.
  •  A de-risk strategy – driven by continued Covid restrictions, global economic headwinds, and geopolitical risks - entails both de-risking global operations out of China and China operations out of global.
  • Inorganic growth is becoming a key tool for achieving a successful engage and de-risk strategy. M&A, Joint Ventures, involvement in local stock markets, and increased local financing are all consolidated trends for the future.
  • Actions needed now to bridge the communication and understanding gap between global HQ and China teams.


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