A New Route-To-Market Opportunity for International Food & Beverage Brands Entering China

InterChina and Feast Creative Foods team up to explore how a fresh wave of international food and beverage brands are being attracted to China, capitalizing on new route-to-market models that have been pioneered in China over the past few years, and identify key factors for these brands to succeed in the Chinese market.


  • Over recent years, imports of packaged F&B products have been growing at twice the rate of total retail sales of packaged F&B products.
  • While China’s consumer base is maturing it is also segmenting, producing groups with increasingly distinct needs and interests. Gen Z, in particular, have an insatiable appetite for novelty, and look beyond China’s borders for more innovative and healthier diet choices.
  • Expect a surge in interest from international F&B brands that have yet to enter China in response to pent-up demand following Covid-19. There are pronounced opportunities for those that play in healthy propositions, permissible indulgence and modern-day occasions.
  • Appointing “brand partners” – go-to-market partners that effectively act as an in-house team – has become an increasingly popular option among international F&B brands looking to enter China.



About InterChina 

InterChina is a leading strategy and corporate finance boutique specialized in China. F&B is one of our core sectors of expertise with consultants and advisors dedicated to the space. Our multinational and Chinese clients choose to work with us because we provide real understanding, deliver practical results, and know how to get things done. We are a partner led firm and distinguish ourselves by the deep level of engagement partners have in client engagements.



James Sinclair
Partner, InterChina
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About Feast Creative Foods

Feast Creative Foods mission is to scout and raise innovative food brands with an emphasis on their positive health & sustainability impact. Founded in 2019, Feast is an operational platform for building innovative brands with focus on unique, healthier product propositions that meet the changing needs of the emerging, younger generation of Chinese consumers. Feast is driven by brand-building, social media data and omni-channel sales approach – connecting and operating its partner brands within the digital commerce platforms and influencer ecosystems in China.


Marc-Antoine Olive
CEO, Feast Creative Foods

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